Unique. Demanding. Precious. Fashioned like a “mosaic of extremely diverse needs”. This is the nature of our skin.
An insight that, in the early sixties, allowed Madame Galland to successfully achieve her quest for “eternal youth” and a flawless appearance. An insight on which the “MARIA GALLAND method” is based, both then and now: through a precise skin analysis and the specific treatment of each individual area of the skin, tailored to the respective need, the beauty of the skin is optimally preserved. The beneficial hands and gentle movements of MARIA GALLAND expert beauticians bring body, mind and soul into harmony. The consummation of “custom-made beauty care”, which – just like the complementary skin care products for use at home – is found in selected beauty studios, beauty farms and spas.

Science and research – the way to perfectly cared-for skin

Quality and the quest for perfection know no bounds: state-of-the-art research laboratories are continuously on the hunt for valuable treatment substances, efficient technologies and revolutionary formulas. The collaborative partnership with MARIA GALLAND expert beauticians hones our keen sense of the demands that today’s men and women make on skin care as an expression of their personality. This gives rise to products and treatments that correspond to the real needs of consumers, represent contemporary trends and set new standards. Our high quality requirements guarantee that all products are tested under dermatological supervision for effectiveness and safety and are exceptionally well tolerated by the skin.